Roger Lang began his career in treasury and investments.  He served as Digital’s country manager in Hungary, launching that subsidiary when the Berlin Wall fell, then returning to the U.S. to head up Capital Markets for Compaq worldwide.  He then led the Enterprise Risk Practice and supported the launch of the FS Document Workflow Solutions Team for HP.

Lang also led the Cornell Center for Advanced Computing on Wall Street, driving computational finance product marketing for a new Microsoft HPC server solution - as well as supporting a number of outreach initiatives, including the launch of Cornell's masters in financial services internship program.  In 2007 he joined the Financial Services Roundtable, whose members include the CEO’s of the top 100 banks, where he defined and led a number of working groups.

Lang joined Sita Corp. in 2013, an SAP Master Var headquartered in N.J.  In his role as the head of their financial services vertical, he launched their regulatory compliance practice and is currently engaged in delivering Dodd  Frank projects at major international banks.

A DRAFT white paper with selected findings from Dodd Frank projects is now posted below.

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